Felix13's Journal (felix13) wrote in pokeleague_bug,
Felix13's Journal

Challenge Post!

Bug gym is accepting challenges! Please post a Challenge Post to this entry if you would like a battle!

- All challenge posts made must be accompanied by a trainer card.
- All battles are held at level 50
- All challengers and Bug Gym representatives must follow all [Wifi League Rules].

Here is my trainer card. My apprentice and follower's cards will be updated on our [info page].

Winners of our Imago Badge
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Deleted comment

Hey. I just beat the gym member, and I guess you're my next challenge. :D

Do you have an AIM sn?


10 years ago


10 years ago

hi i would like to challenge
im available now through 5:30pm pacific
aolaim :agrressive
Haaaa... Sorry. I guess I'm the only active member, currently. >_>()

AIM: DoctorTSVenture

Uh. I'm usually on in the evening/night.

Deleted comment

medaphore beat me in one of the longer and more impressive battles I've seen for a while. Eyes off the icon and on the Bronzong.
I'd like to challenge the gym!

Trainer Card:
E-mail: hyp32cee@gmail.com
AIM: hyp32cee
Time Zone: PST
Availability: Until 3:30 pm. I SHOULD be back around 8:30/8:45.
Hey! I'd love to take your challenge.

AIM: amirrorstwin
Avail: If you see me on, I should be free.

AIM: DoctorTSVenture
I'm kinda bad at IMing people, so just yell at me whenever you see me on-line... I'm usually on in the evening.
Bug apprentice here, with a look at what you'll have to face if you get by one of our members:

I'm usually available Monday-Wednesday 6-10 PM and most weekends. My AIM is WhiteRoseDue1ist, but I don't usually lurk online, so you'll have to contact me to schedule a match. A reply to this comment will work fine.
Hey I'm ready and willing to challenge, lets do it
AIM- cutebabyllamas ( try and contact me)

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Shot at 2007-07-14

so yeah i'm ready when you guys are.
When are you available for battle?

I am on now, if you get this message. :)

im ready to battle the apprentice. I defeated crasherwake last night. My IM info is on my lj profile page. as is my trainer card. =)

This is the rock gym leader btw :3
My name's Yunian and I want to challenge this gym as well;

Trainer Card: http://momo.punkrabbit.com/dragon/card_yunian.png
D/P FC: Yunian - 3866-5130-1890
AIM: DragonforceIV
MSN: yunichan123@hotmail.com
I'm going to have to leave town on personal business tomorrow afternoon, so if you want to get a battle in before then, look for me on AIM or reply to this comment with a suggested time. I should be available from 6 PM Eastern until I leave.

AIM: poke x frankie

Ready to throwdown!

I don't think I've seen you on AIM. You can try to IM me sometime, maybe.
AIM: DoctorTSVenture
I managed to beat LoBue. Looks like you and I are up next Felix =). I shall look forward to our match :3. Hit me up on aim or yim so we can schedule our duel. My FC and Trainer card are on my LJ profile.
sorry for the wait. Is tuesday at around 8pm eastern?


10 years ago

Thank you for the battle Felix. I'll be sure to wear my imago badge with pride! =D

*shines it up nice and pretty* ^^
Is anyone in this gym up for a battle? I have my info on this page; so if anyone can battle me any time soon; please IM me! :)
Trainer Card:
AIM: DiscoCalypso28

Email: bigbrotherdom@hotmail.com
AIM: DiscoCalypso28
Timezone: Western European (GMT/BST)
Availability: If I'm on AIM, I'm available. Which is a lot of the time.

Dark Gym Apprentice read to face his fears =]

Okay, I added you. Or you can try to IM me.
AIM: DoctorTSVenture
AIM: gamemaniac3030
Available: Weekdays 4-11 PM EST

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Moving on to Apprentice!


10 years ago

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