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The Bug Gym [entries|friends|calendar]
The Bug Gym


Gym Leader: felix13
Felix | 2749 7611 3661

Apprentice: jiggliusceasar
LoBue | 4596 5929 6859

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Pending Challenges [29 Aug 2007|08:37am]

This post tracks which players are currently challenging the Chrysalis Colony Gym.

After a loss, you must wait three days for a rematch. After three losses at the apprentice or leader level, you must challenge the next lowest level again.

To make a challenge, post [here]. If you have not made a challenge there, including an up-to-date trainer card, no battles will count towards a challenge.

Leader (felix13)
medaphore - 0 losses. Ready any time!

Apprentice (jiggliusceasar)
yunichan123 - 0 losses. Ready any time!
raaiko - 0 losses. 1 blue screen draw. Ready any time!

mizaru - 0 losses. Ready any time!
coolllamas - 1 loss. Ready any time!
frankiebeatdown - 0 losses. Ready any time!
bigbrodom - 0 losses. Ready any time!
vverevvolf - 0 losses. Ready any time!
kum0r1_j3d1 - 0 losses. Ready any time!

After each battle, post/email/whatever the results, and I will update this entry.

(idea blatantly stolen from pokeleague_psn)

Challenge Post! [02 Jul 2007|09:14pm]


Bug gym is accepting challenges! Please post a Challenge Post to this entry if you would like a battle!

- All challenge posts made must be accompanied by a trainer card.
- All battles are held at level 50
- All challengers and Bug Gym representatives must follow all [Wifi League Rules].

Here is my trainer card. My apprentice and follower's cards will be updated on our [info page].

Click here to see the winners of our Imago BadgeCollapse )
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Welcome to Chrysalis Colony! [20 Jun 2007|09:46pm]

It's easy to underestimate the bug type. After all, what aspiring trainer didn't cut their teeth on Weedle or Ledyba even before earning their first badge? However, there is great power hidden therein. Bugs grow quickly, are extremely versatile and. Even the Terror of Kanto, Mewtwo, will fall to a well-timed assault from a lowly bug.

Chrysalis Colony is home to the Bug Gym, where trainers willing to look past demonstrate that first impressions aren't everything, and while a single insect may be harmless, they can be deadly in a team. If you're being attacked by a whole swarm of bugs, beating one won't save you...



Leader: felix13 | Felix | 2749-7611-3661
Apprentice: jiggliusceasar | LoBue | 4596-5929-6859 | 3608-8082-7674
Member: stealthww | Mattie | 2406-1638-1889
Member: crasherwake | Shigeru | 4210-0672-1800
Member: mikeymousey | Girr | 0731-1476-3836
Member: ssjvaporeon | JENNY | 1461-2796-9870


Chrysalis Colony Gym currently has FIVE openings for members. When you join, you get the Imago Badge, one of the gym's starters and the chance to challenge for the league's 16 other badges. We also maintain a friendly community to discuss streategy, breeding and anything else Pokémon related, and to help each other make the best teams possible. If you are interested in membership, comment below with the following information:

Character Name
Friend Code(s)
Contact Information (email, AIM, etc.)
Desired Starter

More information on the league can be found at wifipokeleague, and the league rules are summarized in this post.

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